• Hey guys, I “redesigned’ my official instagram a bit and changed it up so you can follow me on my fitness journey, see my workouts and meals and chat with me!
    I would be super glad if you’d visit me!


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Romwe: Check out this awesome online fashion shop!

    By the way here is my germany-makeup, ignore my eyebrow living out it’s wild site but that make up MADE US WIN
Also my snoopy-socks but anyways
    Hey you, may I have a blog rate? I know you usually don't reblog fashion but I would still be interested in what you think ♡



    course you can :3 <3

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    if you want it come and get it

    Oh my god I am so happy right now, you guys can’t imagine.

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     because i’m losing so many followers i’m close to going down a hundred

    must be following this heartbroken person

    reblog, likes are for lannisters

    don’t unfollow after the promo please its just rude

    unlimited until I get back up a bit

    message me whatever you want, screenshot promo, advice/compliments/blograte etc. etc.

    have some pity 

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So… I went a bit creative yesterday…