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I never said that I know what love is. I would be stupid if I’d have ever said that. But I think I got to know a tiny little part of what love is. Or maybe not, maybe what I’m experiencing is as far away from love than anything else but is there a real definition of love? Is it love when you know something isn’t good for you but you don’t care because that one person is involved? Is it love when you know someone isn’t good for you but you don’t care because you want him or her to be? Does love mean that you try to convince yourself every day more and more of that one person even if you know that he or she just plays with your feelings, just because you want him or her to be perfect? I don’t know. Probably not. I can’t say about myself that I have ever been in love. But maybe you don’t have to be in love to experience love. I experience love whenever I walk down the street and see an old couple holding hands and chatting like they were dating for only two month now. I experience love when I see a man with his little daughter, playing in the park or just watching his baby sleep next to him in a café. If you want to know what love is, look around. You will probably see the wholeness of love, combined by the tiny pieces of it, everyone carries around. So maybe I see ”love” everyday around me but nevertheless I wouldn’t say that I know what it is.
Just because I couldn’t describe it in it’s confusing and wonderful wholeness. - This is my brain.:  


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